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everything you need

to run a successful business

I help the people who provide amazing services across the spectrum of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing attract the clients, patients, and students they want. Including but not limited to designing profitable programs and implementing reliable client generation strategies to make more money, attract more clients and make a greater impact with less effort than they ever imagined.
My name is Nicolay H Kreidler. I work with business owners who take a holistic approach to their work. I specialize in the areas of health and wellness, hospitality, personal growth and consciousness, and wholesome products. I help business owners grow their business.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have successfully founded several companies. I have had the good fortune of working in many different capacities and industries throughout the world from my own vegetarian restaurants in Germany through a healing and workshop practice in Hawaii to an organic children’s clothing company in Bali. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them get clear and take action.
Holistic Business Accelerator

The Holistic Business Accelerator is a comprehensive, step-by-step interactive process to solve the #1 need of all service-based businesses in holistic health, wellness, and transformational practices. This course will impart the specific knowledge and practice you need to grow your business and be financially successful beyond the cookie-cutter model most businesses are using.

Business Plan Services for Health and Wellness

The Business Plan Services For Health and Wellness is a custom niche offer for entrepreneurs who have a business idea that has progressed to the stage and are ready to scale to the next level and need to develop a comprehensive business plan that can serve as an investor pitch, presentation for stakeholders, review of MVP, revenue and earnings forecast and review of feasibility and profitability.

Premium Business Consulting Package

The Premium Business Consulting Package is for you if you want to grow or scale your business to the next level to increase revenue, relevance, and impact. If you want to take your service-based health or wellness related business to the next level you can work one-on-one with Nicolay H Kreidler to develop a profitable business model and marketing strategy that will allow you to scale your business.

If you are at a point where you need to make changes, do something, create something and that time is now, I will work with you to accomplish that. If you know you want to and need to grow your revenue and profit then I can help you figure out what needs to happen and help you get it done. I have a few different ways and am more than happy to see if there is a good fit and if not I will try to point you in the right direction.

Take action now. There is no downside, no cost, no risk, and no loss if you take action now and set up a call. Let me help you...

Get clear on your business goals;


Understand what moves your market;


Design desirable solutions;


Create clear and compelling communication;


Implement client generation and client retention strategies;


Learn effective enrollment.


What seems like a largely unknown and unused tool for sales and marketing may actually give you massive growth.


Any for-profit, service-based business needs to offer client centric services and products that clients want.


Put some time and effort into measuring your marketing activities and creating a monthly report.

Are you ready to reposition your business for success?